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So….here’s my situation…I hope you can help me but if you can’t that’s okay too…

Alright, so here’s my situation. So there’s two guys that I like, like really badly but I have really badly confused feelings and I need help with them.

So the first guy let’s call him A shall we? So I had one of my friends B lets say, ask A to dance with me at the homecoming dance, so when she did, A said he’d ask me later on. But the problem was my mom wanted me to leave from the dance at 11:00. So I went outside and waited. So, I was waiting for a while, then it didn’t seem like she was going to show up. I knocked on the locked door, but nobody heard or I guess saw me and didn’t get to the door. So I kept waiting and waiting then people were leaving the building, meaning the dance was over. So I finally got inside to a phone and called my mom and she’s like I’ll be there soon… so she finally picked me up around 12:30. But this pissed me off because I never got to dance with A at all… My friends told me later on that he came looking for me too. So I used to talk to A every once in a while but not anymore because there’s just so much awkwardness. So I put a note in A’s locker apologizing, and asking him if he’d dance with me at the next dance. Course, he never responded either 😦 But I still like A and care about him so much and stuff so I really don’t know what to do since I’m too nervous to talk to him.

So with the 2nd guy, let’s call him C shall we? so he used to go to the same school with me when I was in Kindergarten and 1st grade, he was in 3rd and 4th grades but now we go to school together again…and his sister is back at the school now and her and my sister are pretty good friends but I found out C didn’t know my name even… so C finally met me one day and stuff so now whenever I see C, I always try to be nice to him and stuff like opening the door for people just so I could see him and stuff…so one day I gave a note to my sister to give to his sister to give to him asking him for a ride home from play practice. So my sister passed on and his sister passed it on and it got to him and stuff so at play practice he asked me if I needed a ride still and I said yeah so C gave me a ride home. It was kinda awkward though because C’s brother let’s call him D was along too in the car. D was like super quiet and stuff and C pretty much talked to D and me the whole car ride home. So when I got home I thanked C and D and such for the ride home. So then the next day at school, things started becoming awkward that route too…like I’ve caught C staring at me a few times, umm…one of C’s friends let’s call him E, thinks I like D which is weird because I don’t. So I’m wondering if C thinks I was using him to get to D? I don’t know how but… also I found out that C has a girlfriend which I can’t ever get around but I don’t know if she’s ever around since she graduated last year. So I don’t know what I should do there either.

Should I forget both guys, should I go after them both, go after just one of them, what do you think I should do? And why do you think C’s friend thought I was just going after D? Do you think C thought I was just using him to get to D?



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