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Choir Concert!!!

Last night, was the Pops Choir Concert. The music was really good but the problem was it was 6:30 when I got there and it was almost 10:00 when we got home. The music was really entertaining and we had a good time though. My group for choir did a really good job! some people were talking though so from down from the bleachers we had to go to out by the bathrooms and band/choir room and stuff. Which was really annoying since we had to miss an entire group sing their songs “Jump!” and another one I can’t think of the name of.

A few people in my class that seemed to hate me before were actually being nice to me yesterday. Hopefully the luck will keep up!!!

This summer I have a ton of things going on band stuff and a library book club so I’m going to be so busy and probably only have like 3-4 posts on here during the entire summer.

Another thing at school its really messed up. They had blocked facebook for the entire year pretty much. Then unblocked it for two days. And now its blocked again at least on the computer I am on right now maybe not all the school’s computers. But who knows really other than the guy that blocked it in the first place 😦 Hopefully its not….;)

well TTYL


p.s. be on later sometime i hope and i think italics look cool so i might do them on posts for a while.


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