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Easter Update 2011!

I had a pretty good easter this year. I went to my cousin Katie’s house. Surprisingly after all this time it was my parents and my grandma’s first time seeing her house….my dad’s been making these outhouse toilet paper holders out of wood and we gave one to her… my mom made the dessert she made Piccsachio dessert (i have no clue how to spell that) and these marble squares (they’re like brownies) and my grandma brought her “world famous” fruit salad. We also had the “classic” ham which was weird because they put pineapple in there with the ham. and green bean casserole (YUCK!) (i hate green beans, unless they are in my mom’s tater tot hotdish then you can’t really taste them and they are delish!) there was also carrots, califlower, and dip and green olives and pickles (my sister’s favorite the pickles!!!)

After we got done eating my sister and Katie dyed easter eggs, my sister and i played Mario & The Price is Right on the Wii…. Then we skyped my cousin Joe who is in the Navy and who is all the way in a different state right now (i can’t think of which one it is) and then my sister & I went on her computer she went on Webkinz and Bella Sara while i checked my grades, my email, and went on Facebook…..

Yesterday, i didn’t write because we didn’t have school and there really wasn’t much going on. My dad took my grandma to two doctors appointments and we ate at Mc’Donalds at which i had a large pop and two McDoubles. (my sister got the usual happy meal of course with a toy to do with the new movie Rio) then i stopped at the library and checked out a book, my sister did too one about Nancy Drew (Hey that rhymes!!!) N

Now im going to go on Games.com and bore myself to death for about a half an hour so much funnn(not!)



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