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Scoliosis & Way More…

To start…As far as i know i do not have Scoliosis. Im just writing about it today because that it what i am doing a powerpoint worth like 95 points for, for Health/P.E. class… I keep doing powerpoints on Google Docs  cause i cant find my flash drive and i am just going to keep doing them on that til’ i find it…. Im going to try to be pretty random now so here’s our song list for our Pops concert for choir!!!  (this is not necessarily the order we are going to sing them in) 1. Lean On Me, 2. She Will Be Loved, 3. Life’s A Dance and a medley of Next to Normal this somewhat new play. Oh and I didn’t write on here on Thursday or Friday because my mom was taking off from work early it might happen this week too. 😦 i wish i had a cell-phone my mom says i don’t deserve one cause i am always  losing things and would probably lose that too 😦 I really don’t know what else to write other than one of the girls in my class named Ari scanned her hand in Industrial Tech and printed it off OOOH!! So bad not really 😉




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