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Jealous 2

Ha, i feel like jealousy is my number one well number three at least issue right now. Im always getting jealous of people at school giving hugs to each other and its like im not a big hug fan so why in the heck am i getting jealous of hugs!?!

Well play practice has officially ended so now i can come on here more often and type about nothing in general like ive been doing my whole life …

Im a quite a big fan of seventeen magazine and now i keep playing a game off of the website called something to do with an Editor. i can’t remember what its called but i keep playing it. so now too i keep wondering when the may issue of seventeen is coming out and who’s going to be on it.

and tonight, some one gets off dancing with the stars i wonder, wonder, wonder who thats going to be…….. hmmm…………..

anyways TTYL



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