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I really, really, really, really wish I had an IPOD-TOUCH! Its driving me insane, and its going to take me forever to finally save up for one i mean they are like 225 dollars and that’s just the cheapest ones!!! I am almost half way there but it is still going to take me like 5 years (ha) to save up for one i have a stupid mp3 player but i hate it really badly i wish there was a way to get a free i-pod touch and a gift card for some music too! grrrrrrrrrrr….

ohwell  TTFN



Jealous 2

Ha, i feel like jealousy is my number one well number three at least issue right now. Im always getting jealous of people at school giving hugs to each other and its like im not a big hug fan so why in the heck am i getting jealous of hugs!?!

Well play practice has officially ended so now i can come on here more often and type about nothing in general like ive been doing my whole life …

Im a quite a big fan of seventeen magazine and now i keep playing a game off of the website called something to do with an Editor. i can’t remember what its called but i keep playing it. so now too i keep wondering when the may issue of seventeen is coming out and who’s going to be on it.

and tonight, some one gets off dancing with the stars i wonder, wonder, wonder who thats going to be…….. hmmm…………..

anyways TTYL


St. Patrick’s Day!

Even though I am not Irish I still say Happy St. Patrick’s Day to those that are and aren’t. I also say that just because I’m Irish doesn’t mean i’m not proud of what I am…which would be German, Bohemian, and Dutch……… so yeah.

There really isn’t much for me to type today other than i got a day off of play practice today which is really a relief after like a month of practice of learning a bunch of dance moves and singing and a bunch of stuff. So yeah, i got to go wrap potatoes for a fish fry that’s tomorrow so i’d better stop blabbing!

Anyways TTFN


WOW! :)

wow i havent typed on here in forever but that would be because i have play practice after school and never have any time to type anything. The play is called S’Cool its actually pretty good the only sad part is im only in chorus. that’s about all i’m typing today cause of not much time anyways



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