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Mount Kato

Today at school my class and the 6th grade went to Mount Kato the whole day. For anyone, who doesn’t know what Mount Kato is (probably those who don’t live in Southern Minnesota) it’s a place where you can go Tubing, Downhill Skiing, all that type of thing. It was pretty fun but my mother didn’t want me going tubing and that’s what i wanted to do. So i ended up hanging out with a couple of my friends that didn’t do anything either, Sierra and Yesenia. It was very hard to think of things to do because all we really had  were a green and a brown Sharpie Marker, and a deck of cards. Oh yeah, I forgot us. So we played card games for a while, wrote on each others hands you name it. I did go outside every once in a while to watch some of my other friends go tubing. It was depressing though, because two people from our school got a hurt a 6th grader named Frank (he like crashed into a pole and hurt his tail bone) and a girl in my class named Alison (she knocked into a piece of ice and hurt herself around her mouth area like pretty bad). So yeah, it was kinda depressing. Oh the boy who hurt his tail bone they put him on a stretcher and took him to the hospital which is a pretty scary thing. Anyway, too on the way there two of the buses were pretty close together and Shane was like waving to me and its like that’s really odd why is he waving at me?

Today has been a really long day let’s just keep it at that before i keep dragging this post on and on and on. Anyways




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