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The Diary of Anne Frank

Once upon a time there was a girl named Anne Frank who lived during the Holocaust time. Ha no i’m not really going to jot down a whole story although my dream job is to write books for a living. The reason i picked Anne Frank is because of that’s the story that we are reading a play version of in Reading class. It’s pretty fun but sorta boring to read at the same time. Today i played this Mrs. Vaan Daan or however you pronounce her name because this girl named Kennedy in my class was gone today.

Yesterday was my birthday as i feel i’ve said a million times. From my parents i got a pink spring jacket, the cutest spring pajamas that are green, the movie Valentine’s Day (i watched it last night its not the greatest), the first season of the 60’s tv show the Brady Bunch and that was all. Now i have to wait until Sunday when my family comes over to celebrate my birthday.

Today at school not very much happened at all it must not have been important cause i really dont remember any of it. I do know that some of the people in my class are obsessing right now over two songs “Black and Yellow” and “Mother-Lovers” they both sound really annoying when they sing them and i really don’t ever want to hear them again.




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