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Well I kind of love birthdays like most people do but tomorrow is my birthday and i’m not really at all excited! I mean i just want to be 14 now. I don’t want to go through all this torture of birthdays of people singing happy birthday to you and all that jazz.

The past few days have been long but fun i guess… First off, yesterday at after school i was trying out for the school play this year called S’Cool as in like school is cool or something like that. Anyways, we were sitting by our friends or whatever and then we were asked to move to a different section of the room with all the other people your age so i had to go by all the other 8th grade girls. So then the boys in my grade 8th had to sit to my left. and i was on the edge. So then Shane’s the first one that gets up he didn’t have to sit next to me but of course he did after a couple of seconds he’s just like Hey Sexy and so what i did is just ignore him and i’m starting to wonder why he even said a thing when i know he likes this girl named Tess at least i think he does.

So yeah, if that keeps happening over and over tomorrow is definitely going to be a long…………day




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