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Crazy Me!

No time lately to type anything on this computer. But true, not much has been going on for me lately.

Shane, did say Hey Sexy again to me the other day and it was kind of making me mad. He also has two nicknames for me now. Esme (that’s what the sub called me in Social the other day when the sub said my name wrong) and Miss America (because i was wearing this necklace made out of duck tape and paper towel roll. for duck tape day at my school). For Miss America and that necklace I also had taken it off cause i didn’t want it on. so then he looked at it, put it on him and then said ah im an ambassador and then but it on me and said i was miss america and when i walked to the front of the class to do something he was like bowing down to me. and i was thinking don’t do that its creepy!

Another thing today we were playing Ships across the ocean in Phy Ed and i was it and had to crawl on my knees and get people out. and guess what? when i was turned the other direction he comes up to me and pokes me in the back and when i see its him he starts running so there’s no way i can get him out. its kinda depressing.

Then in Consumer Skills yesterday, I made a big fool of my self in front of him and i overheard him saying to one of his friends that’s stupid and i know he was referring to me 😦 oh well then.

And im super excited there’s a dance on Saturday! and my birthday is a week from today!!!

I’ll keep u posted if i go to the dance and if i do how things go and tommorrow i get to dress up for opposite gender day at school! yuck dressing like a guy im gonna need ideas!




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