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The last straw I hope…..

He did it again! Grr… its all i can think about and its getting very annoying. Well not the only thing i keep thinking about something my sister did this morning (more on that later) anyway in social he did it again. and then in consumer skills as i was walking by where he sits he whistled its like grr….. stop i even told him in social please stop but its definitely not working dddddddrrrrrrrrrrrdadddddoooooooo………..

Okay so my sister this morning on the bus was making donkey from Shrek, and Yogi Bear, and what else was it? Oh yeah, Wall-e and Eve! and it was so funny she was getting attention on the bus and everything! and i think she’s so good only if she’d let me take a video to post somewhere!

Oh and before i forget my friends were talking so gross today it was getting kind of annoying ! i think the teacher got pretty mad in consumer skills today oh well hopefully he doesn’t get mad at us again!

TTFN (with luck for the future)



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