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Lets just say this Tuesday has been a long one.

First off, my dad told my sister Sarah and I this morning after a expected 2 hr late start that the bus would be coming any time. But guess what it wasn’t! So my sister Sarah and I were stuck outside for another (felt like 10 years) five minutes in the freezing cold waiting for the bus to come!!! Wasn’t fun!

Then, when I got on the bus the people there were talking about the weirdest things that any normal, I guess, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders talk about. Which seemed to dawn on and on.

When, I got to school I walked to my locker and then went to my friend Erica’s locker and then i don’t know what she was doing.

Finally got to class, Science, and I was talking to some people in there and then it was finally over too. So then, In PhyEd class we did like open gym and stuff and then weight room and were going the wrestling room for Dodgeball i think but then the PhyEd teacher took forever to come and by that time the bell finally rang. Which was kind of fast, by laughing at things certain people in my class did.

The rest, of the morning basically past like that but then at lunch Spaghetti! I normally like Spaghetti but i just wasn’t in the mood.

Finally in social, the last class of the day there’s boys that are laughing at almost every single that I do!!! Which i dont like and then they pester me for the rest of my life that i think.

Now, im going to the library soon too return some books which should be interesting since i really dont want to go!!! Fun!!!





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