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So I have nothing better to do then actually create another post on this thing! Let’s start off my saying tomorrow’s my birthday!!! I’ll finally be 15 this big moment I feel like i’ve been waiting my entire life for! Hey actually that’s funny because its true!
That girl that i said was dressed up as Snooki well she wasn’t she was LMFAO but how was I supposed to know that I mean for one she’s not a guy and she really didn’t look like LMFAO other than maybe how she wore her hair!
Today at school is fake an injury day, and lets face it i’m sure there is some people at school that won’t be faking! I’m wearing this stupid left hand brace thing not sure what exactly its for other than an injury..other than that…well…
Not much to say right now…

Ciao for Now,


So according to my computer when I checked the account to make sure it posted it said Feb. 15th, 2012. Well that’s true so my computer must be very off or something..sorry about the confusion…


So today is Valentine’s Day πŸ™‚ and apparently its proclaimed the so called day of love! well I refer to it as forever alone day, because i’ve been alone on this day forever and I probably always will be! Anyways heading to a bit of a lighter note, one of my crushes wrote back to me in a note today!!! I was so happy when I found out…
let’s see and we also did this quiz thing with who we’re most compatible with which we had to pay two dollars to get and it had two sheets one involved just the people in our grade the other through out the rest of the highschool. I wasn’t really thrilled with anyone on my sheets. It had 10 guys on each sheet that you’re most compatible with, 3 of our least compatible matches, 3 Best Friend matches, and Bonus! matches, 3 of them that were totally random and they really didn’t have to do with if we compatible with them or not. Well I didn’t get either of my crushes on either of them, plus none of my besties were in the best friend thing either so I was pissed after I wasted two dollars today!
I have a two-hour late start tomorrow morning which means I get to sleep in an extra two hours tonight!! Haha yeah right, I’ll probably just stay up late and get up the same time that I always do.
Today at school we had day 2 of our snow week we have in the winter and we were supposed to dress up as our favorite TV/Movie Character/Person. I dressed up as Rachel from Glee. Sad part was nobody seemed to know, but this one guy I think he’s a grade above me after school said I looked like her! So at least somebody was on my side. Otherwise, I saw someone as Snooki, someone as the red angry bird from the Angry Birds game, the main character girl from A Cinderella Story, and that’s about all I can remember right now. But it was fun stuff!!
One of my friends today said that one of my crushes actually looked cute today!! Which is a change because she usually calls him ugly. As long as she doesn’t steal him from me I’ll be satisfied! Another one of my friends and I calls him “Big Ears” yes I know its harsh 😦 but we do it to cheer me up. Because lately i’ve been pissed at him! But I gotta admit today I was happy at him and he really did look cute! In fact he looked hot!! πŸ˜‰
So me and one of my besties is teaming up to create a story on wattpad, a book creating/book reading website. When it’s finished I’ll put a link up and I hope you support the story. Plus another one of my friends and I has a website where we like book review books and stuff that you want us too. And we promise to get on it right away. Here’s the website for that: a-listbookblogging.weebly.com
Well my birthday is in 2 days!! And I’ll be 15 I’m really pumped!! I’ll probably be writing all the birthday buzz soon! lols…
Saturday’s the snow week dance and I’m so pumped. I hope I get to slow dance with one of my crushes actually both of them would be even better!!!

Wishes and Wishes, πŸ™‚


I’ve learned a lot about life lately so I’ll try to describe it as easily as I can..
Life is short.
Life happens so fast its like a dream.
Life can be fun.
Don’t waste your life.
Make sure you do something new each day.
Life isn’t a fantasy.
Life is reality.
Life can’t be redone.
You need to act good on your one opportunity for life.
Life is awesome.
Life isn’t fair.

Book Blog!! <3 Well?

I’m planning on doing another blog, one which I’ll actually probably update from time to time where I read books and do reviews on them for you πŸ™‚ Is there a book you want reviewed? Just let me know… btw, it can also be a wattpad book too it doesn’t matter… πŸ™‚

Hey why is everyone seeming to be deleting their wordpress accounts honestly I don’t think there’s any sense in it. I’m not deleting mine at least for a while..so please continue to tune in and I thank you for doing so.. πŸ™‚

So….here’s my situation…I hope you can help me but if you can’t that’s okay too…

Alright, so here’s my situation. So there’s two guys that I like, like really badly but I have really badly confused feelings and I need help with them.

So the first guy let’s call him A shall we? So I had one of my friends B lets say, ask A to dance with me at the homecoming dance, so when she did, A said he’d ask me later on. But the problem was my mom wanted me to leave from the dance at 11:00. So I went outside and waited. So, I was waiting for a while, then it didn’t seem like she was going to show up. I knocked on the locked door, but nobody heard or I guess saw me and didn’t get to the door. So I kept waiting and waiting then people were leaving the building, meaning the dance was over. So I finally got inside to a phone and called my mom and she’s like I’ll be there soon… so she finally picked me up around 12:30. But this pissed me off because I never got to dance with A at all… My friends told me later on that he came looking for me too. So I used to talk to A every once in a while but not anymore because there’s just so much awkwardness. So I put a note in A’s locker apologizing, and asking him if he’d dance with me at the next dance. Course, he never responded either 😦 But I still like A and care about him so much and stuff so I really don’t know what to do since I’m too nervous to talk to him.

So with the 2nd guy, let’s call him C shall we? so he used to go to the same school with me when I was in Kindergarten and 1st grade, he was in 3rd and 4th grades but now we go to school together again…and his sister is back at the school now and her and my sister are pretty good friends but I found out C didn’t know my name even… so C finally met me one day and stuff so now whenever I see C, I always try to be nice to him and stuff like opening the door for people just so I could see him and stuff…so one day I gave a note to my sister to give to his sister to give to him asking him for a ride home from play practice. So my sister passed on and his sister passed it on and it got to him and stuff so at play practice he asked me if I needed a ride still and I said yeah so C gave me a ride home. It was kinda awkward though because C’s brother let’s call him D was along too in the car. D was like super quiet and stuff and C pretty much talked to D and me the whole car ride home. So when I got home I thanked C and D and such for the ride home. So then the next day at school, things started becoming awkward that route too…like I’ve caught C staring at me a few times, umm…one of C’s friends let’s call him E, thinks I like D which is weird because I don’t. So I’m wondering if C thinks I was using him to get to D? I don’t know how but… also I found out that C has a girlfriend which I can’t ever get around but I don’t know if she’s ever around since she graduated last year. So I don’t know what I should do there either.

Should I forget both guys, should I go after them both, go after just one of them, what do you think I should do? And why do you think C’s friend thought I was just going after D? Do you think C thought I was just using him to get to D?


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